Why Every Housing CEO Must Attend 2022 AIHS CEOs Forum

While the Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) is the most popular trade and exhibition event, it is also a preferred meeting point for CEOs in the housing and construction industry.

Over 200 CEOs from different companies and firms in the housing, construction, and business industries from all over Africa and the world grace this event annually.

The CEOs Forum, a special session, brings together well-meaning and influential leaders in the business to share ideas, experience, and expertise on how to build a more functional and financially inclusive industry.

These CEOs from the real estate, mortgage, housing finance, construction, and professional organizations discuss the macroeconomic and sociopolitical contexts, as well as their impact on the real estate market and housing in general.

The forum, which will bring together high-profile individuals who are founders and business owners, will provide an opportunity for them to share and discuss the issues that their organizations are facing, as well as the path forward.

For leaders in Nigeria’s real estate industry support services and mortgage banks, it’s a collaborative and helpful environment. Participating in the forum will allow you to make more high-level business contacts.

The forum also provides an opportunity to network and improve commercial contacts with counterparts across the country and abroad.

With the ever-changing globe, it is extremely timely for any CEO to be a member of this group of top leaders who have gathered for the progress of the housing sector. Various ideas and experiences from several places will greatly benefit the participants in forging more adaptable and effective models of housing and mortgage operations in their respective organizations.

The attending CEOs will proactively engage the show with first hand, authentic, not to mention relevant  information on a number of issues pertaining to the industry.

The most potent resource of the 21st century and especially in the Housing and Construction Sector is information. Things change quickly, and only those who can keep up will be able to compete and stay relevant in the industry.

Having access to veritable information has always been one of the most important benefits for CEOs who attend the AIHS. 

Another major highlight of the event is the opportunity for CEOs to be inspired by the presentation of innovative developments in the housing industry by experts and leading brands in the industry.

In addition, renowned experts will provide housing market forecasts and examine issues such as employment, home prices, production, demand and supply. Attending CEOs can learn a lot from these forecasts as they make their projections. 

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Benefits Of The CEO Round-tables

During the exhibition, there are breakout sessions led by the participating CEOs to address pressing concerns with decisive and specialized solutions. This will help the entire industry because the recommendations will be widely adopted in order to successfully address industry difficulties such as affordable housing, mortgages, quality control, and policy directions.

The CEO forum will also serve as a platform for the promotion of new ideas, innovations, and market-ready products. It will also function as a testing ground for individuals willing to invest in new ideas, businesses, and products.

Clearly, there is no other platform in Nigeria that can bring together as many CEOs and professionals, not only from housing, real estate and construction sectors, but also from government, investment, and capital markets to share their first-hand experience, knowledge and expertise on varied issues related directly or indirectly to housing and development. And the ultimate benefit is the opportunity to establish strong business networks that will advance their individual establishments.